Saturday, October 22, 2011

fresh local turkey

mom and little brother ray
Ok so my co-worker Dawn lives in Gananoque, just outside of Kingston, and her husband Joe raises turkeys on their property.  These turkeys are known for being flavourful, lean and just plain good because they are grain fed and not cooped up in a cage.  I just couldn't resist getting one (a 15 lb considered was huge!) - but very unfortunately I didn't let my mom know in time so she had already purchased one at the grocery store and marinated it.  I was forced to butcher the turkey because my freezer is not big enough to store it whole.  I got a good lesson from my mom on how to separate it into parts on Thanksgiving, while my brothers watched and learned as well.  It's kind of like butchering a chicken, but in a much larger and tougher scale.  We ended up freezing it into 6 separate portions- 2 breasts, 2 thighs + wings, and 1 tupperware full of bits of meat that was trimmed away from the back bone - which was made into a tasty noodle dish.  The back bone was used to make a great stock.

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