Saturday, October 22, 2011

a bridal shower

Last weekend I helped cater a bridal shower for Steph, my cousin in law.  It was hosted by my mother in law and before we knew it, the guest list was 40+!  Everyone pitched in to help and it was a great success - there was plenty of food for seconds, a variety of flavours to please all palates, and most importantly, a happy bride that was showered with lots of love and gifts.

Our spread included lots of delicious breads, coffee cake, muffins, and tea biscuits baked by a few different aunts and a bakery in Shawville.  I made a few appetizers and dishes (with lots of help from Sue and Aunt Nancy!) which included bok choy salad, mini omelette tartlets, fruit bouquet, crostini with dips (white bean, hummus, olive tapenade, and creamy caramelized onions), spanikopitas, and panko crusted chicken fingers.
Sue and Nancy making lots of spanikopitas
cooking in my in-laws' newly renovated kitchen
(love this granite island)
the shower

Steph and Abby

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